Solectric™ LED Lighting
Solectric™ LED Lighting Systems offers a wide variety of high efficiency LED light fixtures for both residential & commercial use learn more >
Solectric™  Daylighting
Utilizes the sun’s energy to light dark interior spaces throughout the day with Solectric™ Day-Light System
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Solectric™  Eco-Breeze Ceiling Fans
Stay cool with Solectric™ Eco-Breeze solar powered ceiling fans which utilize free power from the sun to keep you cool
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Solectric™  Hybrid Solar LED
Solectric™ Eco-Paks are an inexpensive way to add solar powered battery backup LED light to sheds, barns & garages
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Off Grid LED Lighting
For maximizing efficiency in off grid applications, Solectric™ 12/24 volt high efficiency LED lights are the perfect solution
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Solectric™  Eco-Boost
Get the most out of renewable solar energy and LED lighting with Solectric™ Eco-Boost™ technology
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Solectric™ Accessories
Create custom solar LED lighting systems or add accessories to any of the Solectric™ LED Lighting Kits
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